15 Best Donation Messages Examples For Nonprofits (2023)

When it comes to raising money for nonprofit use, donations from individuals, businesses, and the like are the best options.

Some individuals simply have the zeal to contribute to such donations due to compassion. Likewise, businesses and corporations will want to boost their philanthropy portfolio.

However, if you don’t know how to properly reach out to these people and organizations, you won’t get any donations.

You can reach possible donors via online fundraising channels, call them and ask, or send them a fundraising message by mail. The last option is more effective, especially for a very high amount of donations.

To encourage potential donors to respond to your emails swiftly, here are the 15 best donation message examples for nonprofits.

15 Best Donation Messages Examples For Nonprofits

1. Hunger and Homelessness Donation Message

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There are lots of nonprofit organizations out there to tackle hunger and homelessness among the less privileged.

This message begins by emphasizing the need to cater to hungry and homeless persons by stating statistics and facts. It also puts the reader in a position of understanding and wanting to contribute to the solution.

Going further, the message introduces the nonprofit organization, how long they’ve been operating, and their methods of intervention. While asking for donations, the message emphasizes the change that the donated money would make.

If there’s a specific target the particular donation will be used for, it’s ideal to mention it as well. The method via which the donation can be made comes last.

2. High Dollar Donation Message

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A high dollar donation message is likely to be sent to an individual donor or partnering organization. Hence, it should be highly personalized.

If the individual or organization has contributed to donations in the past, it’s ideal to begin your message by thanking them. Also, remind them of the positive changes their past donations have brought about.

This donation involves a huge amount of money, so you should state and explain what the donation is all about. Furthermore, ask for a range of amounts or a particular amount; this will likely be higher than what they had donated in the past.

This message should be signed or stamped, electronically or physically, before being sent.

3. Church Or Religious Organization Donation Message

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Here is an ideal donation message example for nonprofit religious organizations. In fact, it is ideal to request donations from notable church members.

First, you have to introduce the nonprofit organization. It doesn’t matter if the member receiving the letter is familiar with the organization.

Next, you highlight some top achievements of the organizations that the member may or may not know about.

Proceed to talk about what the money being donated will be used for and what the member will benefit from their donation (if any). Request for the donation, state how they can donate, and finally, show optimism that you’re expecting them to honor the message request.

4. Medical Research Donation Message

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Lots of money is put into researching cures and solutions to fight several medical conditions. As a nonprofit medical research body, this message example will help you get more donations.

The message has to start with introducing what medical condition or disease you intend to research and why. Statistics will help a lot in showing the importance of such research. Next, mention other medical research that your group has been successful in.

State how much you are requesting or leave it open and state how the donor can contribute. The message further breaks down how the money will be used for medical research. Let donors know that the money they’re contributing, no matter how small, will help a great deal.

5. School Donation Message

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To get good learning tools and equipment, some schools do request nonprofit donations. This is a simple school donation message to model.

This donation message example is sent to an individual donor, so it addresses the person by name. The message introduces the school and straightforwardly expresses the need for their students to have better learning accessories.

Particularly, the school is hosting a computer donation program and the message features a quote from Bill Gates – Microsoft’s founder. The message includes that the donation is an open one. Donors can contribute in any form; not only monetarily.

Finally, donors are encouraged to call the school community or send a reply if they have any questions concerning the donation.

6. Family/Friends Donation Request Message

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If you’re a member of a nonprofit organization, you can use this donation message to reach out to your family and friends. In many ways, this is a semi-formal message.

Not to mention, your family and friends may already know that you’re a member of the nonprofit organization. This message begins by reminding them of that. Next, it reveals what the organization does and why it is requesting donations.

Going further, the message politely asks for help. Notably, a particular donation amount range was not specified yet, it still stated that any amount donated will be greatly appreciated.

To help family and friends know more about the nonprofit organization, the message includes their website and phone number for contact.

7. Direct Donation Message

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Direct donations from particular donors can be needed at any time. This can be for any individual, organization, or any cause.

To start this donation message, welcome the donor using stories, facts, or statistics that discuss the relevance of what you want them to donate for. The message then explains what the money being requested will be used for and how it’s going to be used.

Furthermore, the particular amount the donor is expected to donate is specified. Such direct donations usually feature deadlines. If there is, you must include it as well as it introduces a sense of urgency.

The message doesn’t end without a “thank you very much for your compassion and support”.

8. Regular Donation Message

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This is a donation message example to donors that will be making regular or recurring donations.

The message starts by thanking the donor for their previous contributions. If it’s a new donor, you can start by thanking them for other philanthropic deeds they have done in the past and how you’ll be honored if they continue such with your nonprofit organization.

Next, the message discusses how the funds the organization receives are used. Notably, it mentions how the funds collected the previous year were spent and what the money for the new year will be used for.

Finally, the donor is asked to join the organization as an official member to make a recurring donation of a particular amount.

9. Music Group Donation Message

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Are you a music or performing group seeking funds? Here’s an ideal donation message to go with. Ideally, you’ll be requesting donations from your audience; people or organizations who already know about your group.

Following this example, you’ll start your message by disclosing how long the group has been performing and the places you’re known. Point out popular and renowned members of your group if any.

Not many music groups perform for free, so it’s important to point out that you’re a nonprofit group. The message then discloses what the music group needs money for; purchase of musical equipment, securing performance space, etc. Finally, it includes how the money can be donated.

10. Recreation Donation Message

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As a nonprofit organization focused on ensuring that people have fun, requesting donations is prevalent.

From the message example, the donation request is being sent to an individual donor. Hence, it is personalized with the recipient’s name and address; the same could apply to organizations.

The message is from a skateboarding organization and it states how many people (particularly kids) are interested in skateboarding. It then includes the purpose of the donation which is to build a safer skating environment.

The message features a specific donation amount and also reveals the monetary target the organization plans on reaching. This is creative as it could entice the donor to offer more than the specified amount requested.

11. Items Donation Message

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Not all donations are about money. This message is from an organization requesting bottled water donations for an event.

It’s a personalized message and the first line of the sentence introduces the nonprofit organization and what they’re requesting. Next, the message discusses the relevance of the event for which the items are needed for. This is important so donors know they’re donating towards something of value.

While the first line of the sentence reveals what the donation request is, the second paragraph goes into detail about the donation.

Notably, while the number of bottled waters needed is specified, donors are encouraged to donate any amount. Also, their business will be featured in the organization’s newsletter as a sign of appreciation.

12. Sports Team Donation Message

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This message targets donors that are ideally fans and supporters of the sports team. Likely, sports teams will request donations at the start of a season so the message begins by briefly revisiting memories of the last season.

While promising the donor that the sports team will perform better than the previous season, the team’s necessities are pointed out. Relatively, these are needed to help the team perform better in the new season. Also, this donation message points out the challenges that these necessities would help tackle.

This sports team donation message features a specific donation price range. Finally, donors are guaranteed the thanks of the entire sports team’s members.

13. Scholarship Donation Message

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Schools and other nonprofits do send scholarship donation messages on behalf of outstanding students to help them further their education.

This message first of all talks about the student who requires the scholarship and why she merits it. Next, it reveals the challenges involved in sending the student to school which is why donations are being requested.

The message is coming from a foundation, not the student; hence, the foundation has to state that they are standing in for the student. Since it’s a scholarship, the message includes how much will be awarded to the student per year and how many years it will run for.

Finally, the donor is instructed on how they can participate.

14. Restaurant Donation Message

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In this donation message example, The Gravitas Neighborhood Senior Center is requesting donations to help feed older adults. This is stated in the second paragraph of the message with the first paragraph stating statistics on why helping older adults is important.

The message also features the mission of the senior center and how far the donations will go to help achieve this mission.

Notably, the number of older adults to be fed every week is stated. This restaurant donation message is a relatively lengthy one which is understandable considering it is very formal.

To conclude, the message encourages the donor to contribute whatever they can. Plus, it features a phone number for potential donors to make inquiries.

15. Anniversary Donation Request

15 Best Donation Messages Examples For Nonprofits (15)

If you’re hosting a religious anniversary and want donations, this last example on this list of 15 best donation messages examples is for you.

This message is simple and straightforward. It starts by greeting the donor and then announcing the anniversary celebration. Next, the message recounts the achievements of the religious organization since they were established; this shows why the anniversary is worth celebrating.

The reasons why the donation is requested are stated. Notably, donors are encouraged to respond promptly to the request so the money can be received on time for the celebration.

Finally, the message includes the specific donation amount. This can also be left out to allow the donor to contribute whatever amount they have.

Bottom Line

It is critical for nonprofits to request donations; however, donors can choose to honor your requests or not. Nevertheless, with the best donation messages, you’ll have a higher conversion rate when you ask for donations via direct mail.

Another important thing to note is that not all donors should be contacted by direct mail; you may consider using an email. As earlier mentioned, direct mail request is most effective for high amount donations.


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